From one day to the next, our normality shifted, changing drastically our relation to one another: suspicion, fear, anger. Isolation was not long to follow, and with it, anxiety. This period of uncertainty certainly abused us emotionally, and still is.

In order to keep my focus and motivation, I asked a simple question (through social media—somewhat out of character, but desperate time… :)) which anyone was invited to answer: “who is your favorite artist?”. On the principle that the more I work the less I worry, I would draw the collected answers, compulsively. During 13 weeks, every day, I would share artist portraits and, thus, connect with people, saving me from insanity.

The collection of these 100 artist portraits was published early this year (WE WANT TO BREAK FREE, thepublishingeye, 2021.) even though the pandemic is still going strong (I try to keep busy with other projects, it’s not easy). You can order your copy through the publisher’s website (link above), all proceeds are donated to fight against discrimination. I make no money out of the book so if you like what you see, please consider buying a PRINT (or two ;)).

I now also accept COMMISSIONS, it is yet another option at you disposal.